Adult Hebrew Language Institute Group Classes and Private Tutorial Founder and Instructor: Barbara S. Ridberg


"Attending classes with Barbara Ridberg opened doors and windows to the structure of the language and to the importance and value of learning shorashim (Hebrew root letters). Small group classes provide interesting and appropriate materials with which to learn and extend Hebrew language skills. My reading fluency improved, my ability to write sentences and stories in Hebrew expanded, and my ability to decode prayer-service Hebrew using verb roots increased my comfort and participation. Barbara is an excellent teacher who knows and loves the Hebrew language and skillfully invites her students to build their skills in a positive, supportive, learning environment in which the individual is valued and encouraged."

F.L., Potomac, MD June, 2016

"Learning Hebrew with Barbara is one of the highlights of my week. She meets the needs of all her students, no matter their skill level. Her patient, systematic approach to teaching Hebrew yields results!"

B.B., Bethesda, MD, April 2016

"Barbara finds reading materials that are substantively interesting, contain vocabulary that are both useful and skill appropriate, and welcomes student feedback and interests. Barbara engages with each member of the class with sensitivity to the skill level of each student and encourages the student to stretch to the next step. Members of the class are made to feel comfortable irrespective of their level and enjoy the class interaction. The result is that each student progresses at a pace that shows noticeable results."

G.J., Chevy Chase, MD, April 2016

"Mrs. Barbara Ridberg is a co-author of the Yesh Lanu Llama series of children's Hebrew readers. I am fortunate to have taken the following two courses, Biblical and Conversational Hebrew. Barbara is a dedicated and outstanding teacher. She is very knowledgeable about every aspect of the Hebrew culture, traditions, customs, and language. Barbara's teaching method is very positive and encouraging."

E.G., Rockville, MD, April 2016

"I'm a semi-retired senior and I've been taking monthly private lessons from Barbara for about 9 months. After evaluating my Hebrew skills (davening and rudimentary conversation) during our first lesson, Barbara gave me a focused and personalized plan to reach my goals of having modest Hebrew conversational and writing abilities. Over time, she's made several adjustments to my learning strategy according to my needs. The result is that in this short time I've been able to make substantial progress, now being able to have topical conversations, read without vowels on several subjects and, most importantly, feel great about my accomplishments. Barbara is a wonderful teacher who takes the time to understand a student's needs and then provides individual solutions and nurturing encouragement. She's terrific, and that's no hyperbole!"

B.B., Bethesda, MD, April 2016

"I like that the class is a mix of reading, writing, grammar, but especially speaking. Everyone has an opportunity to speak, with preparation or just off the cuff. You get to ask and answer questions about the presentations. The chance to speak and hear others cannot be experienced studying on your own. Not following a text is good also. In addition to the language itself, the material chosen gives a lot of information about Jewish culture, politics and other areas of interest."

A.R., Rockville, MD

"Barbara Ridberg has been my excellent Hebrew teacher with a wealth of Hebrew experience for the past three years. I have had numerous previous teachers but she is the best. Barbara has a very extensive knowledge of the Hebrew language and is a very intelligent, warm nurturing Hebrew educator who provides students with a positive can-do environment in which we gain knowledge, confidence and motivation to develop Hebrew skills. She imparts information, positive judgement and well-developed wisdom of Hebrew grammar, syntax, comprehension, reading, writing and conversation. The educational material is interesting, challenging and stimulating. I would highly recommend Barbara from a beginning to an advanced Hebrew teacher."

D.L., Potomac, MD, April, 2016

"I've very much enjoyed renewing my Hebrew skills from childhood, and feel privileged to be learning with such an experienced teacher! I'm always amazed how much of the oral presentations I understand. I think that, as well as reading the interesting articles, are my favorite parts of the class."

P.G., Potomac, MD

"Barbara Ridberg (aka Adult Hebrew Language Institute) is an accomplished educator with a scholar's appreciation of the Hebrew language. As an adult with modest Hebrew reading comprehension speaking ability, my objective 2.5 years ago was to be able to converse in Hebrew with reasonable fluency when I am in Israel. Although I still have a considerable distance to go, thanks to my twice-a-week private instruction from Barbara, I am tremendously gratified by my progress to date. This is largely attributable to Barbara's very particular skills as an educator: as an accomplished student of Hebrew and an experienced teacher of young children, she is well-suited to teach adults, such as me, with very limited knowledge of Hebrew but with a desire to understand Hebrew grammar and usage (as compared to English), rather than relying on rote learning. Moreover, Barbara is far more patient with me than I am with myself. She provides me with important encouragement to persevere despite the innumerable instances in which I make "first-grade" mistakes. Although I have much more to learn, I am excited by the prospect of reaching my goal."

M.L., Chevy Chase, MD